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Sunday, September 4, 2016


What - PonderCards are thoughts, quotes or questions written on an index card and placed somewhere in a public area to be found by someone at random.  Each PonderCard is unique, artsy embellished, contains the hashtag #PonderCards, is sequentially numbered and dated.

When - PonderCards will be placed in public areas as I travel around the country.  No schedule or routing, just random placement when it feels like the "right" place.

Where - As each PonderCard is released in a public area, it will be posted on Instagram at #PonderCards giving its location and date of release.   As people find PonderCards, I hope they'll post on Instagram at #PonderCards to indicate when and where they found it.

Why -  My hope is when someone finds a PonderCard it will make them... well,  ponder, maybe give them a little encouragement or just generally tickle them.

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